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TribeLab Workbench is a collaboration and skills augmentation platform that allows engineers and scientists to benefit from the expertise of others.

01 / FAST

Workbench integrates data management, workflows, seamless data transformation and automation features to cut hours from the time you need to analyze data.


Your data always remains within your organisation, giving you security, confidentiality and complete peace of mind.

03 / EASY

Performing even the most complex analysis task can be just a drag and drop away. Maybe you have a data format not supported by your favorite tool. No problem, just drag and drop the tool onto the data; let Workbench handle the data transformation.

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Our Story

Our background is in IT troubleshooting, where we upcycled machine logs and trace data to solve complex problems. To analyse the data as quickly as possible, we built tools and developed analysis techniques to do the job. Much of it you'll find on the TribeLab community website.

Workbench has a wide range of engineering and scientific applications and, because of our background, we are currently focusing on IT-related challenges.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to enable any IT professional to become expert at dealing with IT performance and stability problems.

We made a start through the TribeLab community website, and now we are ready to take things to the next stage.

With Workbench, we are striving to simplify the use of the tools you want to use. Our Workbench vision is simple:

Any Data, Any Tool, Expert Guidance

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Our Technology

From plugins for Wireshark (the world's most popular network analyzer) to the Workbench analysis platform, we build software that allows fast and effective analysis of diagnostic data.

Workbench integrates familiar tools, data management, data transformation, workflows and automation to provide the ultimate analysis platform. Importantly, Workbench allows experts to share effective workflows with the TribeLab community.


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Our community mission is to help IT people develop advanced troubleshooting skills to meet the demands of today’s complex systems. We do this by sharing knowledge, tools and techniques with IT support teams through the TribeLab Community website.

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Tel: +44 1279 211 668 Endeavour House
Essex CM24 1SJ


Tel: +44 (0) 1279 211 668
Endeavour House
London Stansted Airport
Essex CM24 1SJ, England



Our Story image Our Story image Our Story image Our Story image